University Offers

97% of our graduates get accepted into their first choice of university!

These are only some of the universities our students get accepted to.

We have 26 graduates this August and they have started prepping for what their future holds!!! University applications- done. Recommendations – done. All because we have the best student advisor who plans your educational pathway the minute you engage with us.

So who is next?

We have two new University of Toronto offers for two SJA students, but this time with $7,500 scholarship!

One of them, Ms. Lilis Sun, has allowed us to share the good news with everyone and thanks us for being a great help in her endeavour to reach her academic goals!

I really enjoyed the three semesters studying in St. John’s Academy. All the teachers here are friendly and professional. I met many friends and we had a great time here. I had many opportunities to study and experiment. I appreciate the experience and the opportunity to study here. Wish all the best. – Ms. Lilis Sun – Graduated in April 2020

We would also like to introduce the recipient of the highest academic honour an SJA student can receive for the earlier part of 2020! Ms. Alice Kwong is the recipient of Educational Achievement Award! This award notes her serious contribution to the school and student body as an academic mentor and also her own personal achievement of maintaining A grade over the course of 2 academic years until her graduation!