Letter from Principal-Fee Increasing communication

Since 2018 St. John’s Academy has thrived and grown under new ownership and management. We have consistently reviewed school fees payable and we have tried very hard to make SJA the most affordable international school in Vancouver, B.C. Things we pride ourselves on are: we have a 100% University Acceptance Rate, students are leaving St. John’s Academy with numerous scholarships being offered to them and the school has grown in success with an increasingly rigorous and inquiring academic environment as well as attracting top academic staff to ensure the quality of teaching is above par.

We are more that excited, that in September we are moving to a new location which will be a 20000 SF new campus with new furniture, new resources and a state of the art fitness room with the best equipment.

It is at this time that we wish to provide you with the following information pertaining to an increase in Tuition Fees that will be implemented starting July 1st, 2021.

This increase is consistent with our strategy of maintaining the best educational experiences for our students. This will enable St. John’s Academy to continue to provide a high quality, wellresourced education, while addressing rising costs of salaries and benefits, for our faculty and staff and other rises in fixed expenses. We will strive to keep this increase to a minimal change through diligent financial stewardship and control of expenses.

We hope you will recognise that our earlier decision of not increasing fees since the school new ownership in 2017 is evidence of our commitment to ensuring that fees are appropriate, are supporting families as much as possible, as well as sustaining the operational needs of the school in supporting its expenses which are mainly driven by our excellent teaching faculty.

SJA will continue to deliver an excellent education for the students, and we wish not only to maintain the highest educational standards, but also to exceed your expectations. Further information on the specifics of the fee increase will be provided shortly and our website will be updated accordingly.

With this in mind, we are giving families the opportunity to pay their tuition down prior to the increase. To save some money – you are allowed to pay your tuition in full (or partial) by July 1st, 2021 to receive the current pricing.

After July 2nd, 2021 prices will increase.

Should you have any enquiries regarding this fee increase, please contact our finance personnel who will be pleased to assist you.

Thank you for your continued support of the school, and we look forward to consolidating our partnership in building the best educational future for your children.

You can find the full letter from our principal as below:

Fee Increasing Communication_Feb. 22, 2021