Terry Fox Run

For over 35 years, students, teachers, and survivors of all ages have participated in the Terry Fox Run. Losing his leg to cancer, Terry embarked on a journey to raise money and create awareness for cancer research. After his death, countries worldwide have participated in the annual Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research. St. John’s Academy participated in the Terry Fox run on September 16, 2019. Students learned about Terry Fox and his brave mission to run across Canada and spread cancer awareness. Afterwards, the entire school spent the afternoon walking (or running) along the False Creek Seawall to Science World. It was an exciting event that held a lot of meaning for many who had personal connections to friends and family with cancer. Teachers joined the students in the run (or walk), and encouraged them to appreciate their life and where they are today. Near the end of the run, students were surprised by a much needed snack station filled with juice and granola bars. Until next year!