Shift to online learning

In St.John’s academy, we proudly support twenty-first-century inquiry-based learning, in-depth understanding, and innovation and creativity which prepare our students for competitive high-rank universities. Our students exercise teamwork, leadership, and the use of technology through project-based education which is aligned with BC’s new curriculum. In the below video a group of three Anatomy and Physiology 12 students, Ally Kwong, Bella Kim, and Sophia Yip made a music video on the process of protein synthesis.

Online learning has not stopped our students from performing their best to prove their qualifications for top Canadian and international universities. In the video below, Ally Kwong, a grade 12 student who has been offered admission to several top Canadian universities, is performing a visualized presentation for internal and external respiration from home. In her project, she has combined her learning of the concept in biology with her creativity in art, music, and technology.