School Wide Field Trip – Grouse Mountain Adventure

GROUSE MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE “I took a walk in the woods, and came out taller than the trees” – Henry David Thoureau. On Tuesday October 22nd, students from St. John’s Academy visited Grouse Mountain for a First Nations Immersive Experience. The entire school had the opportunity to attend this activity, as well as teacher chaperones and staff. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to take a break away from the busy tasks of life and relax among the trees and nature. St. Johns Academy experienced a special First Nations Hiwus Feasthouse ceremony, led by Squamish Elder William Jr. “Kwel-A-A-Nexw” Nahanee. He taught the students about Squamish First Nation’s customs, shared oral traditional stories, drumming and songs, and ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Students and staff enjoyed delicious food for lunch, participated in dances, and created crafts inside the Feasthouse building which is made out of red cedar. Afterwards, everyone was taken on a scenic stroll of Grouse Mountain to see the bear sanctuary, where two grizzly bears were getting ready for their winter hibernation. Students had the opportunity to take many photos with their friends and really appreciate the wonderful city that they are living in.