National Canada Math Competition 2019

National Canada Math Competition 2019

Currently the school is running Arts, Dance, Student Council and Math Clubs. Let us take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements and triumphs of all of the Club Participants. We are particularly proud of our Math Club Members, who have participated in the Cayley Contest sponsored by University of Waterloo on February 26, 2019. We have two Certificates of Distinction – Ally Kwong and Narrissa Kwok – Bravo !!!! Three Certificates of Participation And a Medal – Yifu You Our students have scored in the top 25% for the whole of Canada !!! Their performance has contributed to our school`s ranking 24 in Zone 08 Team Honor Rolls in Cayle  

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing

Held the 2019 Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Contests (Canada wide)
Facilitated by: University of Waterloo

Rankings for Zone 8 British Columbia Overall Division:

Cayley Contest – (Grade 10 students) – 24th Place Fermat Contest – (Grade 11 students) – 29th Place

St. John’s Academy Individual Awards:

(rank out of 150 total score) Man Yan Kwong – 122 –  certificate received Wing Yu Kwon   –  115 – certificate received Yifu You            –     95  – medal received       Contest by University of Waterloo. Hurray for all of our Math Club winners and participates. Congratulation on Terrific Performance!!!