Capilano Suspension Bridge Field Trip

Travel Blogger Reflection – By: Yuhan Sha  7/10/19    Upon all the attractions in Canada, my personal favorite is Capilano Suspension Bridge, which I had just visited a few days ago. I went on a school trip with my friends, I remembered the trip deep in my heart about the trip. So, I am going to tell you all about Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada.     The Capilano Bridge is named after the Squeamish word ‘kia’palano’ meaning the beautiful river. The Capilano Bridge was built in 1889, by Geroge Grant Mackay in North Vancouver, Canada! It is a really incredible place to go if you come to Vancouver. It is over 139 years old now! The bridge is 137-meters long across, and 70-meter above the ground. The massive bridge passes the Capilano River, therefore the Bridge makes it easier for people to cross. The river spreads north to south, so it becomes one of the primary sources of drinking water in now and before. This magnificent bridge was officially finished in 1956. Did you know that before it only cost 10 cents to cross the bridge? That’s amazing!     There are some very important things to tell you. When you go to the park, you must remember to wear warm clothes, bring an umbrella and bring water. It is really important to be hydrated . Also it is really cold in the north so wear comfortable clothes to keep you warm and cozy.     In the park, there are a few places I recommended to go in the park: the Suspension Bridge, the Cliff Walk and the Tree Top Adventure. First, the Suspension Bridge is a bit scary while crossing it, you walk to the middle of the bridge and you can see the running water underneath. Personally, I think it’s really worth it! Secondly, the Cliff Walk is superb. By walking beside the cliff you can feel the mountain breeze kissing your cheeks, if you like taking photos, I really recommend you going there because you can truly feel the nature surrounded beside you and you can take fabulous photos, too. Lastly the Tree Top Adventure is a new tourist area in the park! By walking from tree to tree you can view it in another way. You can see big bushy trees around you, as if you are one of them.     I wish you can go there because as John Muri said ‘And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul! ’ I really like this place and I hope you can come.