Anthropology Museum Class Field Trip

Anthropology Museum Class Field Trip Welcome or ʔəm̓i ce:p kʷətxʷiləm (translation in First Nation Language) Musqueam: giving information about our teachings or xʷməθkʷəy̓əm: qʷi:l̕qʷəl̕ ʔə kʷθə snəw̓eyəɬ ct (translation in First Nation Language)  “Students will learn that Vancouver is part of an ancient landscape, and will discover aspects of Musqueam heritage, culture and knowledge that are only now being shared with the public.”  Terry Point, 2014 On Thursday, October 24th, the B.C. First Peoples 12, ELL 3 and Social Studies English classes went on class field trip to the Anthropology Museum at University of British Columbia  and went on a guided tour. During the tour, students were able to learn about the First peoples in an authentic way through experiential learning. Not only were the students able to learn from teachings in the Haida Longhouse, they were also able to learn from viewing various galleries that displayed cultural pieces such as Totem Poles, Bentwood boxes, cedar carved canoes and potlach ceremonial bowls and dishes. Overall, this tour enabled students to gain further awareness and understanding of history within Canada and gain an experience outside of the classroom connected to the First Peoples identity, culture, and lifestyle.